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Different Types of Machinery Trailer

Different Types of Machinery Trailer
05 Nov 2019

Flatbed trailer is generally known as machinery trailer because it is mostly used to carry machines. However, this trailer is also used in hay transport services. Flatbed trailers are highly advantageous. They are cost-effective and carry heavy load very easily. Some common types of machinery trailers are simple flatbed trailer, drop deck trailer, stretched trailer and RGN trailer. Here we will discuss about them more.

1. Simple flatbed trailer:
Simple flatbed trailer is one of the most popular types of machinery transport trailer. Most of machinery equipment like excavator, utility crane, small road roller are generally transported by this trailer. This open trailer is approximately 50 ft long and carry more than 48000 lbs. loads. It comes in different sizes. Some common sizes of the flatbed trailers are 24 ft, 45 ft, 50 ft, etc.

2. Drop deck trailer:
Drop deck trailer is also called a step-deck trailer. This is quite different from a traditional flatbed trailer. It is divided into 2 different decks. They are top deck and bottom deck. Step deck trailer is generally designed for some special machines which can not be transported by other trailers. The maximum bearing load of this trailer is 48000 lbs. Like flatbed trailers, these trailers come in many sizes such as 40 ft, 50 ft and more. The average length and weight of a drop deck trailer is 37 ft and 8.5 ft respectively.

3. Stretched trailer:
Stretched trailer or extendable trailer is an extendable version of a simple flatbed trailer. This trailer is generally stretched up to a certain length. It is widely used to carry long machinery and equipment like pipes, building columns, long cranes, etc. Maximum carrying capacity of a stretched trailer is 43000 lbs. The general length of this trailer is 40 ft. The average height and width of this trailer are 10 ft and 8 ft respectively.

4. Removable Gooseneck or RGN trailer:
Removable gooseneck or RGN trailer is very ideal to transport longer or taller freight. As the name suggests, the front of this can be detached. RGN is a heavy trailer. It can carry approximately 150000 lbs loads. This trailer is mostly designed with 3 axles. It is mostly used in heavier transportation service. This trailer is very expensive as compared to other flatbed trailers. A traditional flatbed trailer is 29 ft longer. The general length and width of the front deck are 10 ft and 8.6 ft respectively. The general length and weight of rare deck are 9 ft and 8.6 ft respectively.

So, these are the most common machinery trailer. Some of them are also used in steel and timber transport companies. They offer safe and quickest transportation service always. In addition, they are easy to maintain.

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