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Warehousing Services Sydney

No matter whatever industry your business is into, you would always want warehousing & distribution services in Sydney that you can trust upon. You would not want to panic about the late deliveries or poor handling letting down your customers & damaging your company’s reputation. You would also not want to spend much of your amount on warehousing services & getting your goods from point A to point B.

Camex offers quick, reliable & cost-effective warehousing & distribution services from Sydney to suit businesses of different sizes. We are based in the heart of Sydney's logistic and warehouse hub. Just minutes away from M4 & M7 Lighthorse Interchange at Eastern Creek NSW or known as Spagetti Junction.

Our investory management system drives efficiency as well as savings in the pick, pack & dispatching of your products. We provide a priority and personal express logistists service on the Eastern States of Australia. We are based on express service. You call, we deliver as soon as possible.

  • The Central point between Brisbane and Melbourne
  • We provide priority service.
  • This company is based on express service.
  • You call we deliver as soon as possible.
  • On time deliveries every time.
  • Our service is as fast as a Leopard.

As your Sydney-based warehousing & distribution partner, Camex always gets to know about your business so that we are able to design tailor-made solutions to match with your unique situation, at present and as and when you grow. We put our best efforts to give you an edge over competition.