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How To Properly Load An Excavator?

How To Properly Load An Excavator?
29 Aug 2019

Loading excavator equipment always involves different steps. Experts always follow and maintain many essential ways and safety while loading this machine. The type of machinery transport trailer, correct positioning, method of loading and security play a major role in transporting this equipment and reduce the loading challenges. The following steps will show you how to load properly an excavator.

1. Select a heavy-duty trailer

Before transporting a piece of equipment or machinery at any location, selecting the proper towing vehicle is very much essential. You have to choose the vehicle according to the weight, size, and shape of your equipment. There are many towing vehicles are available for transporting heavy machines but according to the experts, a high-capacity trailer is one of the most efficient vehicles to transport an excavator. Generally, 10000 lbs trailers are ideal for small and compact excavators and 20,000 to 30,000 lbs trailers are used to transport heavy-duty excavators. Nowadays, trailers are designed with many exciting features by which many loading challenges can be minimized.

2. Load the equipment properly

After selecting the proper trailer, you need to load the equipment on it. In this step, you have to park the trailer in the loading zone safely. You should make the undercarriage of an excavator mud and sand-free before loading. In addition, the auto-idle features of this equipment need to be disengaged while loading. Now, you have to load the equipment on the trailer by using the inclined slopes properly. While loading proper safety should be maintained. After that, place the machine at the center deck of the trailer.

3. Secure the excavator

The third step is very much critical. Once the excavator is properly loaded, it needs to be locked with care. So, in this step, you have to use load binders and chains for securing every corner of this equipment. After that, you need to secure the dozer blade of the excavator with D-rings. Use another high-capacity strap and chain to lock the bucket and all other items of the machine securely. The final inspection is very much essential after locking. You need to check every locking portion of the excavator and make sure that it is attached to the trailer perfectly. Once you have checked, the excavator is ready to be transported.

Excavator is a heavy machine, so, transportation and loading of this machine are not very easy. Proper observation, method of loading and positioning are highly required to transport it. The above guidelines have perfectly shown that every aspect of the loading of an excavator.

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