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Things to Consider About Break-Bulk Shipping?

Things to Consider About Break-Bulk Shipping?
05 Feb 2020

Road freight forwarding service is one of the common methods of transporting goods from one place to another. Road freight services are ideal for both general bulk and breakbulk shipping. There is a basic difference in both cargo shipping. We will discuss it later. There are many things to consider about breakbulk shipping. Before that, let’s know the definition of breakbulk cargo.

What does breakbulk shipping mean?

Breakbulk cargo mainly refers to the oversized cargo which is generally from a freight ship and is transported or delivered to the final customer. The cargo is transported by large flat-bed trailers. Unlike regular cargo, break-bulk cargo can’t be delivered in a regular shipping container. Breakbulk shipping includes steel, large vehicles, pipes, and machinery transport.

What are the differences between bulk cargo and breakbulk cargo?

Breakbulk and bulk are generally confused despite that they are totally different terms. Bulk freight mainly refers to a grain and liquid cargo which are carried loose and they are loaded into a container or freight bin directly but the breakbulk means large freight. Specialized equipment is used to load breakbulk cargo. The commodities that are included in a bulk freight often include coal, grain materials, iron ore, liquids, etc whereas some of the examples of breakbulk cargo are boxed concrete, pipe, engines, equipment, machinery, large engines, generators, etc.

What are the advantages of breakbulk freight shipping?

Breakbulk shipping has a number of advantages for those who want to deliver a large volume over a very long distance. The companies or service providers that deal with this type of transportation can directly ship your goods to the customer. In this way, you can save additional transportation costs and other issues. Apart from that, breakbulk shipping is an affordable way of shipping the large cargo.

What are the breakbulk commodities?

It is cleared that breakbulk is effective for transporting large volume commodities. It effectively transports oversized goods to the proper destination. The list of commodities that are transported via breakbulk freight are given below:

  • Manufacturing materials
  • Drummed and barreled freight
  • Steel items
  • Engines and oversized equipment
  • Pipes
  • Boxed cargo
  • Turbine blade
  • Ship propeller

It can be quite challenging to arrange breakbulk shipping and it also requires proper coordination and planning. You should choose a reputable freight forwarder in NSW for transporting your heavy and over-weight items. A reputable and trusted company is always an expert in handling breakbulk freight and has years of experience in this field.

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