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What Are The 3 Major Components of a Trailer?

What Are The 3 Major Components of a Trailer?
09 Jan 2020

A trailer is used for different types of transport services such as heavy machinery transport services, hay transport services etc. It has several components. Every component plays a major role to drive the trailer smoothly. Some of the major components are deck, tail lights, and axles. However, they should be maintained and properly inspected on a regular basis.

Trailer deck:

Deck is the most essential part of a trailer. The goods are loaded on the trailer’s deck. Deck are made of steel. Trailer deck has a proper length and width. The deck of flatbed trailers comes in different types. The most common types of trailer’s decks are single step deck, double step deck, extendable step deck, extendable double-deck, etc. A trailer’s deck can bear high strength very easily.

Tail lights:

Tail lights play an important role. They are highly essential for large trailers. These lights always offer higher visibility to the trailers at low light conditions and night. They also ensure better safety. Different types of tail lights are used for trailers such as LED tail lights, Halogen tail lights and Xenon tail lights. Among them, LED tail lamps are more energy-efficient.

Tailer axles:

Axle is one of the major components of a utility trailer. It can bear the entire strength of the trailer. A trailer axle is divided into several parts such as frame, springs, bearings, tires, hubs, spindles, wheels, etc. The axle is classified into 3 different types. They include straight axles, torsion axles and drop axles.

Tips to maintain trailers

Regular inspection:

Regular inspection is highly necessary before loading the goods. Any kind of major or minor damage is identified by the regular inspection process. Suspensions, brakes, tail lights functionality need to be checked before you load a good on the trailer’s deck.

Check the tire pressure:

Before you drive a fully loaded trailer, tire pressure needs to be checked. If the tire pressure is low then driving the trailer on the road will be very difficult for you. Apart from that, the load-carrying capacity will be minimized. So, the tire pressure should be checked properly.

Check security:

The trailer maintenance should include a proper inspection of straps, tie-down chains, winches, and ratchets. You need to check that is there any cut, hole, snags, tears and embedded particles in those security components. Always remember, to avoid any kind of accident, secured loading is highly essential.

The reputable freight transport companies in NSW always take care of every component of their utility trailers and always inspect properly before loading. To avoid any kind of accident or expensive damage, proper maintenance is necessary.

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