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What Are The Different Types of Freight Containers?

What Are The Different Types of Freight Containers?
28 Nov 2019

Container is one of the most important parts of freight transportation industry. The container is a big storage box that is transported by the trucks, trains and ships from one place to another. This storage box is completely made of steel or iron and available different sizes. In Sydney, many container transport services companies offer different types of containers for transporting several loads.

Dry Containers

Dry containers are the most common types of cargo containers. They are extensively used in freight transportation industries. These containers are available in different sizes such as 10ft, 20ft, 40ft etc. The dimensions of the dry containers are standardised by ISO.

Flat Track Containers

Flat track container is also known as flatbed container, used in many freight shipping service. These container has collapsible sides that offer easy loading and unloading. Flat track container is very ideal for transporting a different types of goods such as machinery, hay, firm equipment etc.

Open Top Container

Open top container is designed with completely convertible and removable top. It doesn’t have solid roof like other carrying containers. This container is ideal for oversized or over-height loads. It is available a wide range of sizes and capacities.

Tunnel Containers

Tunnel container is quite similar to the dry storage container. Only one difference is that, tunnel container has doors at both ends. This design helps to make the loading and unloading process easier and faster. This container is generally made of high quality steel and iron.

Open Side Container

Open side container is also a general shipping container. It has side door that offers faster loading and unloading process. This container is manufactured by steel and standardised by ISO. It is very ideal for temporary and permanent loading. Open side container has fork pockets for lifting purpose.

Refrigerated Container

Refrigerated container is a specialised shipping container that is widely used to carry temperature sensitive products such as vegetables, foods etc. This container is also known as reefer container. Refrigerated container is designed with advanced refrigeration system which allows to control the temperature inside the container.

Thermal Container

Thermal container or insulated storage container is also a specialised container which allows to control and maintain the high temperature. This container is designed with insulated materials and used for transporting chemicals, pharmaceuticals and foods products. Like other shipping containers, insulated container is also available in a variety of sizes. This is very ideal for long distance freight transportation.

In a freight industry, containers are selected depending on the size and type of goods. Temperature sensitive goods are mostly transported in refrigerated or thermal container and for oversized loads open top and flat bed containers are used. However, containers like dry storage, tunnel and open side are also used in many freight transportation services.

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