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What Are The Different Types Of Freight Trucks?

What Are The Different Types Of Freight Trucks?
10 Sep 2019

A freight truck is a heavy-duty vehicle that is widely used to transport goods from one place to another. Generally, a freight truck is classified into two different types. These are fixed trailer truck and separated trailer freight truck. Freight trucks are widely used in logistics services. These trucks are very ideal for off-road driving. The advanced and high-powered engine can easily transport bulk load. However, according to the carrying capacity and design, the freight trucks are divided into six different types. They include Semi-Trailer truck, Straight Truck, Jumbo truck, Tail-lift truck, Truck Trailer and Flatbed truck. Let’s take a closer look at these types of freight trucks below.

Semi-Trailer Truck

A semi-trailer truck is one of the most popular freight trucks. Most of the transporting industries use these trucks for their transportation needs. The maximum carrying capacity of these trucks is approximately 24,000 kg. They are mostly used to transport palatalised cargo.

Straight Truck

Another most popular freight truck is the straight truck. This truck is also called a cube truck, cube van or box truck. The straight truck has the same chassis. It is generally used for transporting furniture and different kinds of home appliances.

Jumbo Truck

A jumbo truck is a bigger version of a semi-trailer truck. This truck is designed with a G-shaped floor. The wheel diameters of this truck are small. The carrying capacity of this truck is on average 27 tons. This truck is very ideal for transporting voluminous goods.

Tail-lift Truck

A tail-lift truck is one of the heavy-duty trucks. The lifting mechanism of this truck helps to load goods very easily. The carrying capacity of this truck lies between 500 kg to 200 kg. The tail-lift truck is generally used for distributing purposes.

Detachable Trailer Truck

A detachable trailer truck is very advantageous. This truck always allows faster loading and unloading as compared to other trucks. The carrying capacity of a detachable trailer truck mostly lies between 15 to 25 tons. This truck is widely used to transport large loads.

Flatbed Truck

Most of the transporting and logistics companies use flatbed trucks. These trucks have become very popular because of their versatility. They are extremely ideal for carrying oversized goods. Flatbed trucks can carry more than 25-ton loads easily. These trucks are also be used to transport cars and heavy machinery.

These trucks are highly advantageous. In Sydney, you can find some transport and logistic services   companies who offer these types of freight trucks for transporting timber, building sections, steel, containers, etc. If you want to transport your product then you will contact hire them.

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