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What are The Several Types of Trailers?

What are The Several Types of Trailers?
19 Feb 2020

Trailers help to transport several goods and equipment from one place to another. They come in several sizes and capacities. Road trailers are used in many freight services in Sydney. They are driven by experienced and licensed drivers. Common types of truck trailers are mentioned below.


Flatbed trailers

The flatbed trailer is one of the most common truck trailers used by many road freight companies in Sydney. This trailer is extremely versatile because it is used to load goods on rear, sides, and tip. It is available in a number of sizes and capacities. Flatbed trailers are used to transport heavy equipment, machinery, hay, small vehicles. The maximum weight and length of a flatbed trailer are 48000 lbs and 53 ft respectively.


Dry van trailers

Dry van trailer is a kind of enclosed trailer. It generally helps to protect goods from outside elements like UV rays, rain, dust and pollutants during transportation. However, this trailer is not versatile as compared to a flatbed trailer. Apart from that, it has also height restrictions. Dry van trailer is ideal for transporting vegetables, medicines, food products, etc. The wight of this trailer generally lies between 42000 to 45000 pounds.


Refrigerated trailer

A refrigerated trailer is another type of an enclosed trailer specially designed for temperature-sensitive goods. As the name suggests, a big and advanced temperature control system is equipped in this trailer. This is mainly used for transporting frozen or chilled products. A refrigerated trailer is available in several sizes and capacities. The legal weight of this trailer is 42000 lbs.


Lowboy trailer

Lowboy trailer is a machinery transport trailer mostly used in industrial freight services. This trailer can easily carry oversized equipment such as bulldozers, excavators, building columns, etc. Lowboy trailer is driven by experienced and skilled drivers. Lowboy trailer is the advanced version of a traditional flatbed trailer. The maximum length of this trailer is 29.6 ft and the overall legal height of a lowboy trailer is 14 ft.


Step deck trailer

Step deck trailer is also known as a drop deck trailer commonly used in freight transport industries. As the name suggests, a step-deck trailer consists of two decks. They include a top deck and bottom deck. It is generally designed for some freights, those are not transported by general flatbed trailer. The maximum freight weight of this trailer is 48000 lbs.


So, these are the several types of freight trailers. Different variations are also available. Driving a truck trailer is not an easy task. It requires proper skills, experience, and patience.

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